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Anti-cheat: In-game
Supported game modes:All
Supported Processors: Intel and AMD
Supported systems: Windows 10 (1903, 1909, 2004, 20H2, 21H1, 21H2), Windows 11

The Unlocker key is tied to an Activision account (Activision ID), there is no HWID binding.
We do not sell keys for use with multiple accounts.
We do not deal with key replacements, upgrades and resets.
What gives Unlocker?

Unlocks ALL items in the game (all seasons): Unlocks ALL WEAPONS with accessories + scopes + camouflages, Unlocks all skins (weapon blueprints) from the store + weapon trinkets and stickers + Operators (and their skins/finishers) + Vehicle Skins + Business Cards and Emblems, etc.
Lifetime key (Forever) works as long as your game account exists. If your account is blocked, then we do not rebind keys to new accounts and you will need to buy a new key for a new account!
With a forever key, you can change whatever you want, whenever you want, after every game patch or regular update, by paying only once.
Please note: We strongly recommend that you use a spoofer or cleaner (software that resets all your PC IDs to random values, and the game client sees your PC as brand new when you start the game), even if you have not had shadow or permanent bans before especially if you want to use RUT Unlocker on multiple accounts of yourself/others - any spoofer that works is guaranteed to reduce the chances of getting any random shadowbans (350ms ping for 5-7 days) or a permanent ban.

**If one of your gaming accounts or PC has ever received a shadow or permanent ban, then you MUST use a spoofer to avoid getting your other accounts banned. **

RUT is currently in use (as of 12/2022) on over 100,000 accounts.

MWII Version (2022): Latest, supports Battle.net and Steam Launchers, Multiplayer/DMZ/Warzone.