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Now everyone can buy an Unlock subscription for everything that can be bought in the game, watch the video for more details. You can choose blueprints from the store and set yourself, open all attachments on weapons, open skins for vehicles, watches, unique skins for weapons. Any operator is also available to you along with unique skins. Emblems and cards sights, stickers, amulets.
P.S. MW weapons can only be selected by blueprints, other weapons can be selected and attached without getting a level.

- After activating the key, you are given 3 launches in case of errors, etc.
- Hvid reset if only this subscription is available will be ignored for obvious reasons.
- People who have wasted their activations for the reason in point 3 will be ignored for intrusiveness.

What is unlocked:
Everything you can open and buy, even more. The exception is camouflages and attachments for MW weapons, for this you can make a separate subscription.

How to use text instruction:
0. (we do not start the cheat) Start the game and switch it to window mode in its settings. WINDOW WITHOUT FRAME! Or, press ALT + ENTER, the game will appear in the window, it works. We close the game.
1. We activate the key.
2. We load the software, there will be, as usual, 2 consoles with the text Success, they will close and the loader will ask you to start the game.
3. Launch the game and wait for the sound signal (beep beep), go to the operatives in the lobby and see if everything is open - everything is ok, everything works.
4. We configure what is needed and ALWAYS close the game (below it is described how to do it correctly), it is FORBIDDEN to play with the loaded software.

To use what you have chosen in loadout, the account must be> 4 levels.
The whole point is that after downloading the software, you load your loadouts with guns with blueprints, etc., all this will remain and will be available until you change it.

- To save an operator's skin (additional), you must select this operator, edit it by choosing a skin, voice, finishing move and no longer enter the operatives menu, never otherwise fold to the default skin when searching for a match.
- As described above, the closed MW weapon will be open, but without skins and modules, while using the blueprints.
- Emblems and so on will NOT be saved if you close the game through the dispatcher or by clicking on the cross, we always exit through the game buttons.
- It is an obvious fact that if on a level 5 account, for example, there are skins of some events / events / final stages of a gunsmith (damascus / gold), this can lead to point 4. Therefore, do not put special skins on weapons, this also applies to the skins of operatives. Better to put everything from the store.