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Now work in COD:MW multiplayer and Warzone. A private cheat from a developer who has many working programs in his arsenal, which are regularly updated and refined. Take advantage of online payment now and become the best player in Warzone.
Supports: Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 (All builds - including 2004)
Processors: Inteal / AMD
Language: ENG / RU


Drawing section:

2D Boxes

Lines to enemies

Distance to enemies

Draw distance

Customize colors: / Visible / Invisible enemies


Aim Bot section:

Enable Aim Bot

Aim Bot hotkey

Aim Bot trigger speed

Aim Bot's circle of action

Draw Aim Bot radius


 Features of Aim Bot:

Automatic priority target selection

Distance to the enemy

Target trajectory

Target visibility check:

(Behind a wall or within sight)

Automatic selection of a suitable body part:

(If a hand is visible, it hits the arm, if the head, then the head)

Start-up instructions	SMURFHACK START

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