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Intel processor (AMD NOT SUPPORTED!)
Windows 10 version 1903,1909,2004 (Win 7 & 8 NOT SUPPORTED!)
GPT format of the disk on which Windows is located
Cheat functions

PLAYER ESP - Player Lighting

Team check - Check for an ally


Highly configurable! - Well customizable

Humanized smoothing

Lock target - Hold aim on target

FOV - Resize FOV

Multiple aimkey configurations - Ability to select multiple aim buttons with different settings


Spoofer will protect you from being banned by iron!

[Features that have been added recently]

- Added Visibility Check

- Added Smart Bone Scan

- Added More Legit Aimbot Config Options

- Added Skeleton ESP

- Added Bone Selection Aimbot

- Added Triggerbot

For Warzone mode there is a highlight of items:

- show common

- show uncommon

- show rare

- show epic

- show legendary

- show player unique

- show quest

* Attention, operation on processors lower than 2015 is not guaranteed! There may also be errors in the system due to which the cheat may not start and in this case you will need to reinstall Windows.

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