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Private cheat for Call of Duty Warzone 2 - EventAim.

Private cheat for Call of Duty Warzone 2 Event aim. Lots of features. Constant cheat updates. Easy installation and launch. Easy cheat setting for warzones in the game. Convenient use of cheat functions.

Supports: WIN10 (64bit) | Win 11
Status: not found

Chit functions:
Visible Check - checking the visibility of enemies
AutoShot - automatic shot
Forecast - calculation of bullet ballistics, player speed, distance to the target
AutoWall - If you shoot through the wall, the sight will shoot!

Aimbot setup:
Aim Bone - setting the bones of the aimbot.
Aim Key - setting the aimbot activation key.
No Recoil - disable weapon recoil.
Anti close offensive - A setting that allows you to set the priority of aiming aim.
Aim Priority - the ability to customize aim for each weapon in the game.
Prediction unit—correction of prediction work.
FoV - aimbot activation radius.
Smooth - Allows you to adjust the smoothness of auto-targeting (you can set it for both safe and suspicious games).
Limit Distance - setting the distance of the aimbot.

Visual ESP:
Esp Box 2D - displays enemies in squares ( there are box options: BOX , Outline , Corner , Corner Outline )
Esp Radar - display enemies on the 3D radar
Esp Teams - shows the teams of the players. So you can determine the enemies that play in 1 team
Esp Loots - display loot in the game, you can customize the display both on the radar and in the game itself, fine-tuning colors, icon thickness, etc.
Esp Weapon - display of weapons in the hands of the enemy ( you can set the display type - ICON or TEXT ).
Esp Distance — display the distance to the enemy
Esp Nicks - displaying nicknames of enemies
Esp HP - displaying the HP of enemies (you can customize the display of BAR or TEXT)
ESP speed - display the speed of enemies
Is Aiming - displaying the target for the aimbot, etc.

AIM - the ability to visually set the priority of the bones of the aimbot (visually, you can set the priority by selecting the desired body part on the player's model in the AIM section)
VISUAL - setting the visual part. (You will be able to arrange the elements of the Visual function yourself directly in the cheat menu)

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