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Private cheat CROOKED ARMS for the game Warzone is one of the best cheats presented on our site. You can see in detail how this cheat works for Call of Duty: Warzone in the video above. It presents a huge functionality with many settings, thanks to which it can easily compete with the RING1 cheat. However, it's main difference is that the Warzone CROOKED ARMS cheats can work on all AMD and Intel processors.
Players who plan to use this cheat on Warzone will appreciate the following features: selection of the player's visibility range, built-in 2D radar, illumination of all things located on the map, assistance in aiming at the player taking into account the walls and the radius of recoil control, the choice of angle settings review and selection of the aiming bone.
Cheats for Call of Duty: Warzone CROOKED ARMS have proved to be quite stable: there have been no detections since the release for half a year. If you have already tried cheats for Warzone SOFTHUB and SCHOKK, and you want something new, then try this private cheat CROOKED ARMS.

Works on Windows: 10 x64 and 11

Processors: Intel / AMD
If you need a cheat that will work on Windows 7 and 8, consider this one: Schokk Hack Warzone

To work cheat you need:
In the display settings, check the set display scale: there should be a value of 100%

Graphics settings in the game:
In the window (full screen)

 Cheat Features:
 The names
 Team ID
 Skeletons (subject to visibility)
 Backlight Range (10m to 1000m)

 2D radar
 Size adjustment
 X axis position adjustment
 Y-axis position adjustment
 General transparency
 Zoom adjustment

Primary Weapon (-)
Grenades, mines, knives
Highlight Range

Aim at the player (triggered by holding the specified key)
Wall Accounting
Radius of control (free zone for moving the sight, taking into account the captured target)
Viewing Angle (FOV) (AIM Response Area)
Aim Trigger Distance
Bone selection (head \ neck \ body)
Key selection (RMB \ Ctrl \ Alt)
Disable recoil
Vertical sync

Functionality is subject to change and refinement.

After downloading the archive with the launcher, you need to unzip it. But before that you need to change the name of the archive so that the name Crooked Arms is not in the path to the file. Change the name to whatever you like, extract the archive, go to the folder with the extracted files, and launch the launcher as an administrator. At the first call you need to register on the forum, click the Sign Up button. After registration, we return to the window with the cheat, enter the data, click login and wait for the download. After that we find the key activation menu, activate the key that you purchased. If you activate the software for the first time, you will need to restart the launcher, then go to the game selection, select your game. Then start any process on behalf of the administrator, after that you need to press the RUN button and select process from the list and click the injector(not select notepad process, use any process 64bit). And after everything has been injected, launch the batnet and start the game from it. After we activated the cheat, in the game we press the HOME button and get into the cheat settings. Good game.

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