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Windows 8,8.1,10 (All assemblies)
Intel & AMD processors (INTEL XEON not supported)
Enabled virtualization (Intel Virtualization)

Supported anti-cheats:
Overwatch internal

Changable Aimkey - Ability to change keys
Changable FOV - Changing the radius of the aimbot
Flick Mode - Fast aimbot mode
Smooth X Axis - X axis smoothness
Smooth Y Axis - Smoothness along the Y axis
Unlock Axis - Unlock axes
Smoothing methods - Smoothing method
Target Priority - Aimbot priority
Team Selection - Team Selection
Bone Preference - Aimbot bone selection
Visibility Check - Check for visibility
Min / Max Distance - Setting the minimum and maximum distance
Draw FOV - Display aimbot radius

Changable Triggerkey - Ability to select the triggerbot button
Changable FOV - Ability to change the radius of the aimbot
Bone Preference - Aimbot bone selection
Triggershot Delay - Triggerbot delay
Reaction Time - Reaction time
Max Distance - Maximum distance

2D Radar - Radar
Box ESP - Box lighting
Healthbar ESP - HP Backlight
Skeleton ESP - Skeleton Highlight
Outlines ESP - Lines to players
Draw Hero Name - Show hero name
Draw Player Lines - Draw player lines
Draw Damage Text - Draw inflicted damage
Draw Distance - Draw distance

Multiple configs - Ability to save, import configs
Share configs - Ability to share settings
Assign hotkey to config - Select hotkey for config
Custom menu hotkey - Select a button to open the menu
Streaming Mode - Mod for streamers (So that the cheat is not visible on the stream)
Disable Watermark - Disable cheat watermark