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Private TooPak Packs for PUBG Steam / Kakao

Top-end working packs for the game pubg steam, which are updated and finalized over two years. By purchasing this product you provide yourself with full technical support, simple launch and powerful functionality that will allow you to easily occupy first places.
Also, we can say that these are the only work packs at the moment that you should pay attention to. Undetected status for more than 6 months. [I write this text on 05.16.20]

Status: Undetected
Game Version: Steam / Kakao
Supports OS: Windows 10 (Except Corporate Edition)

For attempting to hack this cheat, Windows may demolish you! [Due to this, the status of the UD cheat, few people can hack this program, including game developers]

A list of prohibited processes, programs that in no case can be kept open with this cheat. Otherwise, tell your system for now.

"quickbms", "petools", "nofuser", "procmon", "fiddler", "telerik", "wireshark", "procexp", "procmon", "processhacker", "process hacker", "idaq," x32dbg "," x64dbg "," ilspy "," dnspy ??"," decompile "," debug "," themida "," reflector "," sdfgsdfg "," sysinternals "," unlocker "," tmac "," hwid " , "id change", "myapp", "mainwindow", "commander", "lockhunter", "cff explorer", "crack", "detect it easy", "heat engin", "heatengin", "smartsnif", "vmunpack", "idapro", "ida pro", "idafree", "ida free", "symlink", "folder lock", "god jerry", "exeinfo", "ghidra", "proxifier", "incdmp "," cracker "," dump "," process dum "," xcopy "," pchunter "," sysinternals "," suspend "," h4cker "," memory viewer "," reshack "," sandboxie "," soft spy "," hxd "," hexedi "," hex edi "," malware "," pestudio "," packed "," dotpeek "," windowskernelexplorer "," disassemble "}; this.string_40 = new string [] {"ilspy", "dnspy", "exeinfo", "x64dbg", "pchunter", "decompile", "dump", "h4cker", "memory viewer", "reshack", "soft spy", "detect it easy", "dotpeek", "windowskernelexplorer"}; this.string_41 = new string [] {"ilspy", "dnspy", "exeinfo", "x64dbg", "pchunter", "megadumper"};

The list of PC names with which you can not use the software:
"test", "testacc", "Patrick", "El Profesor".

[Color] [THIS IS NOT VX]
Face Color (RGB)
Body Color (RGB)
Armor Color (RGB)
Clothing Color (RGB)
Gray earth
Green blood

Anti-recoil 0-100%
No grass 0-100%
No animation
No shaking
Mute unnecessary sounds
No loot animation
No grass
No shaking when hit
No stones
No bushes
No water
No smoke
No windows
Windows without frames
No bullet drop

Quick sight
FPS Boost
Freeze the enemy on impact
Look through the walls
Magic bullet
Walk through the door
Camera Removal (FOV)

Increase Damage by 120%
Enlarge enemy boxing
Increase melee weapon damage radius (30 meters)
Jump high and very high
Shoot through the walls
Increase Loot Range
Walk and ride on water
(Premium is not part of the main subscription, but to activate it, you need a main subscription)
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