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Are you looking for a way to improve your gaming performance in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre? The BC Private Cheat from our HAX.MARKET team gives you access to powerful features that will help you dominate the game.

With an aimbot, illuminated players and boxes, you can easily determine the location of opponents and accurately aim your sights. This gives you a huge advantage in battles and improves your shooting accuracy.
Additionally, the BC private cheat displays health packs on the map, allowing you to easily find and use them to stay afloat in fights. This significantly increases your survivability and chances of winning.
By purchasing the BC private cheat for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre on HAX.MARKET, you get a reliable and safe tool to improve your game. Don't miss the chance to increase your rating and become a real master in this exciting game. Win with us!

Built-in spoofer: No
Anti-cheat: In-game
Bypassing recording in OBS: Present
Supported game modes:Windowed
Supported processors: Intel and AMD
Supported systems: Windows (x64 only): 10 (20H2/21H1/21H2/22H2) 11 (21H2/22H2)




Enable / Enable display of players
Skeleton / Displaying players' skeletons
Box / Select 2D box view
Health Bar / Display player lives
Line / Show lines to players
Name / Display player nicknames
Distance / Display the distance to players
Max Distance / Change the display range of players
Arrows / Display arrows at player positions


Enable / Enable radar
Distance / Display distance on radar
Zoom / Change the scale on the radar
Max Distance / Change the display distance on the radar
Size / Change radar size


Enable [F3] / Enable this tab [F3]
Large Health Pickup / Display large health packages
Small Health Pickup / Display small health packages
Blood Bucket / Display buckets of blood
Max Distance / Change the display distance of objects


Draw Crosshair / Display crosshair
Draw FOV / Display the radius of the aimbot


Enable / Enable aimbot
Ignore Knocked / Aimbot will not capture players who are knocked
Lock Target / Fix the aimbot's capture on the player
Prediction / Enable prediction for aimbot
Visibility Checks / Enable aimbot check for visible players
FOV / Change the radius of the aimbot
Smooth Compensation / Change the smoothness of aimbot aiming
Max Distance / Change the range of the aimbot
Key / Set the key for aimbot operation
Bone / Select a body part for the aimbot


Panic Key [F5] / Panic button, when pressed, the entire cheat is disabled [F5]
FOV Changer / Enable changing the FOV of the game
Default Changer / Ability to change the FOV of the game
Changer / Change additional FOV
Changer Key / Change the key to change FOV
Speedhack / Enable movement acceleration / USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! / USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!
Speedhack Key / Change the key for acceleration
Speedhack Limit / Change movement speed


The menu is called on the "Insert" key and F6 / The menu is called on the "Insert" key and F6