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Cheat for the game Super People from the developer SOFTHUB. You all know him as the creator of a cheat for pubg and warzone games.

System requirements for Softhub private cheat for Super People

Supported OS / OS: Windows 10-11;

Supported Game Mode: Windowed or Bordered Window;

Supported Processors / Processors: Intel / AMD.

-Turn on
-Prevention of the flight and fall of the bullet
-Bone selection
-Radius of work
-Speed ​​of aiming
-Draw the priority bone
-Draw the radius of work
-Selecting aimbot button

-2D Boxes
-Direction of view
-Arms in hand
-Change drawing distance
-Change text size

-Lut (all objects)
-Drop dead
-Air drop
-Change drawing distance
-Change text size

-Change text size

-Turn on
-Resize the radar
-Changing the maximum distances to the player in the radius of the radar circle