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To pay by card, select in the table - STRIPE
HWID SPOOFER - It will help you to avoid blocking on the hardware or remove the existing ban on the hardware.

Windows 10 x64
Processors: INTEL, AMD
Countries: ALL
Supported games: All games with anti-cheats - BATTLEYE

What characteristics does the program change in your PC:

BIOS serials;
CPU serials;
Motherboard serials;
RAM serials;
HDD/SSD/NVMe/M2 serials;
Partition GUIDs;
Network Adapter MAC addresses;
PCI devices;
Windows Product serials

An additional cleaner is built into the software, which:

clears logs from BattleEye bans in Windows;
clears Escape From Tarkov (EFT) game logs;
bypasses the developers ban in the EFT launcher.