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HWID SPOOFER - It will help you to avoid blocking on the hardware or remove the existing ban on the hardware.

Supported | Anti-cheats: EasyAntiCheat + BattlEye + MRAC
Status | Status: Undetected / Running
Supported processors | Supported processors: Intel & AMD
Supported OS only x64 | Supported OS x64 only: Windows 10
[!] Some games require Windows reinstallation with disk formatting
[!] It is recommended to use VPN if your IP does not change
[!] Enabled AHСI mode for Hard disks [Desirable]
[!] Disabled Secure Boot mode [Preferable]

[+] Spoofer SSD | HDD
[+] Spoofer MAC
[+] Spoofer SMBIOS
[+] Spoofer Monitor
[+] Spoofer GPU
[+] Spoofer Network
[+] Spoofer Volumes

[+] Cleaning Adapters
[+] Cleaning Registry
[+] Cleaning Registry
[+] Cleaning EAC & BE
[+] Cleaning Trace
[+] Cleaning Origin log
[+] Cleaning Steam log
[+] Cleaning Epic Games log
[+] Cleaning Trace Ban