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Windows 10 1809,1903,2004,20H2
Intel & AMD Supported
The most powerful SCUM cheat on the market!



Boxes - Enable boxes
Player - Player lighting
Zombie - Zombie Lighting
Drone - Drones
Vehicle - Cars
Item ESP - Highlight Loot
Gun ESP - Weapon
Gun Attachment ESP - Attachments to weapons
Ammo ESP - Ammo
Trap ESP - Traps


Target - Aimbot setting
Fov - Radius
Smooth - Smoothness
Aim Type - Aimbot type (Silent, magic bullets, normal)
Crosshair - Enable Crosshair


Speedhack - Speedhack
Speedhack volume - Speedhack speed
Teleport players / zombies to me - Teleport players or zombies to you
Anti Collide Walls - Go through walls (you can loot other people's bases and pick up loot)
Super Jump - High jump
No recoil - Anti-recoil
Infinite ammo - Infinite ammo
Free cam - Free cam (You can fly like a ghost, other players will not see you, your character will remain in the same place where he was, after turning off the function, the character will return back with all the loot)
Instant Build - Instant Build (just press F in front of placed blueprints, no need to collect materials, etc.)
Car fly - Flight by car
Always day - Always day in the game
Instant Lockpick - Instant unlock requires a screwdriver and pin. Hold down the F key and select the lock you want

Attention, after purchasing the key, it is no longer possible to return it!