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Scum is a cult survival game in which you have to fight not only against other players, but also against zombies. Therefore, for good development and the opportunity to become the best, we recommend paying attention to the ability to use a variety of cheats. They will help solve many problems and get rid of the negative aspects of survival.

Beginner's set
To successfully overcome all trials and try to actively survive, it will be enough to pay attention to the set called Private. It is quite enough to achieve all your goals, and there are plenty of cheats in it. Let's note the most notable of them:

Zombie lighting - will allow you to see the movement of all zombies and avoid the most dangerous places.
Aimbot - will maximize your accuracy in the game and eliminate misses.
VX on players - will allow you to keep track of players who are hiding or using shelters.
Loot Highlight - Saves a lot of time and provides a guide to the best loot in the game.
Speedhack - will increase the speed of movement, which will be salutary in many situations.
This set will be enough for a pleasant pastime. It remains to test all the cheats and start survival.


Windows 10
Intel & AMD Supported
The best SCUM cheat on the market!



Players, Puppets / Zombies - Lighting players and zombies
Name - Player nickname
Distance - Distance to the player
Box - Boxes
Snap Lines - Lines to players
Health - Health
Visibility Check - Check for visibility
Head Dot - Point on the head

Aimbot - Aimbot
Custom Bone [Head, Neck, Chest, Body] - Aimbot bone selection
Custom aim smoothing [makes snap to target like a real player] - Aimbot smoothing
Custom FOV size - Aimbot radius
Toggle FOV circle - Aimbot circle
Custom Aim Keys - Aimbot operation button
Anti Shake Aim - a function to prevent the sight from twitching
Vis check toggle - Enable visibility check
No Recoil - Anti-recoil

SPEED HACK (toggle and speed modifier) ??- Speedhack (fast run)
INFINITE STAMINA - Infinite Stamina
INFINITE AMMO - Infinite Ammo
Custom Crosshair - Sight
Custom ESP colors - Choice of colors
Toggle: FPS, TIME, RESOLUTION - Enable FPS, Time, etc.
INTERNAL - better performance & safe - Cheat has good performance and security
Attention, after purchasing the key, you can no longer return it!

Functions can be changed, added, removed. Also, some functions can be removed for a while.

* When buying a cheat, you should understand that the use of this software is at your own peril and risk, the possibility of a ban or detection of a cheat for such a game sometimes happens