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HAVAL is a completely unique cheat for the game Rust, which is developed using advanced technology and knowledge. We are proud to present you with a reliable solution that will allow you to gain an edge over your rivals.

One of the main features of HAVAL is the AIMBOT function, which provides automatic targeting. You can choose which part of the target's body you want to target - the head, the body, or the bone closest to you. We give you full control over the aimbot's radius, as well as the ability to change the aiming key. Dynamic and static aimbot modes provide optimal accuracy, and prediction makes hitting running targets easier.

To ensure complete awareness of your surroundings, we offer the PLAYER ESP function, which displays information about players and their teammates, as well as DISTANCE, so you always know how far away your opponents are.

FILTER ESP will help you track resources and items on earth such as stone, metal, sulfur and more. You can easily find everything you need to survive and develop your base.

HAVAL also offers animal and vehicle tracking features to make the gaming experience even more fun. You'll be able to find bears, deer, wolves and many other animals, as well as keep an eye on vehicles such as minicopters and submarines.

In addition, various options and settings are available to you to tailor HAVAL to your needs. You can change the size of the frame and skeleton, and customize the colors for each item, vehicle, and players.

HAVAL is not just a cheat, it is a tool that will help you succeed in the world of Rust. Reliability, affordable price and many features make our software an unrivaled choice for experienced players. Don't miss the chance to improve your gaming experience with HAVAL!

Required disk format for the cheat to work: Supports only GPT (MBR does not work!)
Built-in spoofer: No
Anti-cheat: EAC
Bypass recording in OBS: No
Supported game modes: Windowed, Frameless
Supported processors: Intel and AMD
Supported systems: Windows 10 PRO

Nothing extra, just launched and forward. The cheat will show you all enemies within a radius of 400-500 meters. Enemies will display a skeleton and a square. Play and enjoy the game process. ESP works through houses, walls, etc.


AIMBOT - Automatic aiming

Distance - Aimbot operating distance
Bone Select - Bone selection
HEAD - Head
BODY - Body
NEAREST - The closest bone to you
Change aim key - Change the aiming key
Static - Static aimbot
Dynamic - Dynamic aimbot
FOV - Change the radius of the aimbot
Enable - Enable
Smooth - Change the smoothness of the aimbot
Prediction - Enable aimbot prediction (to make it easier to hit running targets)


PLAYER - Player
CORPSE - Corpse
Draw Skeleton - Draw a skeleton
Draw Info - Display information
Draw Box - Display a frame
Team Check - Enable display of your team's teammates (there will be a Friend sign above your head)
Distance - Distance between players

Enable - Enable
Dropped - Items on the ground
Draw Info - Display information
Distance - ESP loot distance
Type Resource - Resource type
Stone - Stone
Metal - Metal
Sulfur - Sulfur
Wood - Tree
Barrel - Barrel
Oil Barrel - Oil barrel
Crate Elite - Elite Box
Crate Military - Military Crate
Crate Medical - Medical Box
Crate Normal - Crate Normal
Crate Food - Crate Food
Tools Box - Tool Box
Hemp Fibers - Hemp fibers
AirDrop - Airdrop
Land-Air Turret - Land-Air Turret
Auto Turret - Automatic turret
Gun Trap - Gun Trap
Flame Turret - Flame turret
CupBoard - Wardrobe
Large Box - Large box
Small Box - Small box
Stash - Buried stash
Sleep Bag - Sleeping bag
BackPack - Backpack
Food Crate - Box with food
Adv Water Crate - Improved water crate
Basic Water Crate - Basic water crate
Basic Crate - Basic Crate
ShotGun Trap - Shotgun Trap
LandMine - Anti-personnel mine
Diesel - Diesel
Locked Crate - Locked Crate
RF Broadcaster - RF broadcaster
RF Receiver - RF receiver

ANIMALS - Animals

Enable - Enable
Draw Info - Display information
Distance - Adjusting the operating range of the ESP on animals
Bear - Bear
Stag - Deer
Wolf - Wolf
Boar - Boar
Horse - Horse
Shark - Shark

CARS - Cars

Enable - Enable
Draw Info - Display information
Distance - Adjusting the operating range of ESP on cars
Kayak - Kayak
Minicopter - Minicopter
BradleyAPC - Bradley APC
Begemot - Behemoth
RowBoat - RowBoat
RHIB - Rhib
Patrol Helicopter - Patrol helicopter
Submarine - Submarine


FreeCam - Free camera
No Recoil - No recoil
No Spread - No spread
Thick Bullet - Thick bullet
Bullet Size - Bullet size

OPTIONS - Options

Size Box - Change frame size
Size Skelet - Change the size of the skeleton

COLORS - Colors

The ability to change the color of each item, as well as cars and people.