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Anti-cheat status:
- EAC: Undetected
- Built-in HWID Spoofer (HWID BAN)

Game version:
- Last

Features cheat:
- Supports all game modes;
- No FPS crashes and drawdowns when using cheat;
- Protection against HWID ban (HWID Spoofer);
- Works in full screen game mode;
- An accurate aimbot that calculates the movement of goals and the distance to them;

- Intel and AMD processor;
- Windows 10 versions 1803, 1809, 1903 and 1909 (Win 7 and 8 are NOT SUPPORTED!).

- Prediction (Prevention for aimbot on the movement of goals)
- Aim Smooth
- Aim Key (Aimbot activation button)
- Visible Checks
- Aim Fov (Viewing angle for aim)
- Aim Bone (Head, Body, Nearest)
- Crosshaih (Sight)
- Filters (Turning on aimbot tip on sleeping or teammates)

- Players ESP (Shows players)
- World ESP (Shows chests, cabinets, turrets, traps, resources, and so on)
- Vehicle ESP (Shows the technique)
- Radar

- Custom time
- Debug Camera
- Debug Camera Key (Button setting for debug camera)

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