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System requirements:

Any processor
Windows 10 1903/1909/2004 / 20H2 / 21H1

Aim Assist

Enable - enable aiming
Silent Aim - Silent aimbot
Target Team - Target Allies
Target Scientists - Target Scientists
Target Patrol Helicopter - Target the helicopter
Smoothing - Smooth aiming
Field Of View - Aimbot radius
Max Distance - Maximum distance
Aim Key - Aimbot button


No Spread - Anti spread
No Recoil - Anti recoil
Recoil Type (Controlled / Rage) - Anti-recoil type (recoil control / completely disable recoil)
No Recoil Scale (X / Y axis) - Anti-recoil setting
No Sway - No weapon shaking
All Weapons Automatic - All weapons become automatic


Box (dynamic / static) - Boxes
Skeleton Skeleton
Distance - Distance
Name - Name
Weapon - Weapon in hand
Health - Health
Entity ESP (Items, plants, etc ...) - Highlighting loot, ore, etc.
Extensive ESP Styling
Raid ESP and notifications - Displays the location of raids on the map


Freecam & other commands - Debugcam and other commands
Spiderman - Spiderman
Infinite Jump - Infinite jump
Time Changer - Change the time of day
Instant CompoundBow Charge - Instant Bow Charge
Instant Eoka - Instant shot with eoki
Speedhack - Speedhack
Menu Accent Color - Menu color
Dark Mode - Dark Mode
Crosshair - Sight
Menu key - Menu button