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The software works only on Windows 10 1903,1909 and 2004 (It may not work on corporate Windows!)
Intel and AMD processors supported
Software functions:


Esp - Shows enemy Hitboxes. On or off.
Distance - Distance to the enemy.
Weapon - Displays the weapon that is in the hands of the enemy.
Name - Shows the names of the players
Skeleton - Draws skeleton models.
Bots - Display bots.
Sleepers - Displays sleeping players.
ESP Distance - Distance of drawing Esp.
Crosshair - Point in the center of the screen.


Ore - Shows the location of the ore in the radius of the distance of esp resources.
Collectibie - Shows the collected items in the radius of the distance of the esp resources.
Crate - Boxes and crates with loot within the radius of the distance of esp resources
Stash & Storage - Shows objects that have storage.
Distance - Distance of esp resources.


Spider Man - Allows you to climb on the roofs of other people's houses.
Always Day - Constant day mode.


Active - Turn on and off aimbot.
Silent - Silent aimbot. You can shoot near the enemy, but the bullets will fly at the target.
Aimbot Key - Binding a convenient button to activate the aimbot.
Aimbot Bone - Select a bone for the aimbot. (Nearest Sight-Friendly, Head Head, Chest Body)
Smooth - Setting for smooth aiming of the aimbot at the enemy.
FOV - Changes the radius of the circle. Zone for aimbot activation. Targets the enemy if it is within the radius of the circle.
Aimbot Distance - Aimbot distance.
No Spread - Removes bullet spread.
Recoil Compensation - Recoil compensation.
Standalone Recoil - Always recoil.

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