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Rust cheat status:

Features of the software:

Protection based on the latest HyperVisor technology;
Huge functionality;
Built-in SPOOFER, which will secure your computer in case of hardware blocking;
Accurate Aimbot with a miscalculation of the distance to the target and bullet flatness;
Fully customizable ESP for all objects in the game;
DebugCamera. Allows you to raid houses directly into loot;
And many many others!

Intel processor (AMD NOT SUPPORTED!)
Windows 10 version 1903,1909,2004 (Win 7 & 8 NOT SUPPORTED!)
GPT format of the disk on which Windows is located
Cheat functions:


Prediction (Prediction for aimbot to move targets)
Drop Correction (Lead for aimbot at a distance to the target)
Aim Smooth
Aim Key (Aimbot activation button)
Visible Checks
Aim Fov (Angle of view for aim)
Aim Bone (Head, Body, Neck, etc)
Show Aim Fov (Shows the Aim FOV area)

Player ESP (Shows players)
Animal ESP (Shows animals)
Cupboards ESP (Shows Cupboards)
Stash ESP (Shows stashes)
2D Box
Loot ESP (Shows air drops, weapons, loot, boxes)
Skeleton (Shows the skeleton of the player)
Distance ESP (Shows distance to targets)
Weapon ESP (Shows weapons in hand)

Spiderman (Ability to climb walls)
No Sway (Disable weapon sight swing)
No Recoil
No Spread (Disable the spread of bullets from weapons)
Always Day
Thick Bullet (Increases the hitbox of the bullet, allowing you to hit the enemy even if you were shooting next to him)
Bullet Thickness Slider (Adjust the bullet hitbox size)
Admin Flag (Ability to enable camera debug and other features)
No Fall Damage
Admin Mode (Flight by camera)
Local Position (Shows the coordinates of your position)
Crosshair (Crosshair in the center of the screen)
Panic Key (Completely unloads the cheat from the game, even after restarting)
New features that have been added:

FLYHACK (Allows you to fly around the map as an admin without kicks from the server. May not work correctly on some servers)
MAGIC BULLETS (Allows you to teleport bullets to the head of opponents)
SILENT FARMING (Allows you to automatically farm ore while holding a pick or ax in your hands)
AUTO COLLECTING (Allows you to automatically collect cloth, stone and other resources from the ground)
AUTO HEAL (Allows quick treatment with syringes or bandages)
AUTO REVIVE (Allows you to instantly raise your ally)
And many other interesting features have now been added to the RING software. Enjoy the game everyone! Please note that features may be added or removed regardless of the information on the site.

* Attention, operation on processors lower than 2015 is not guaranteed! There may also be errors in the system due to which the cheat may not start and in this case you will need to reinstall Windows.