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Cheat for Rust - Privat

Game version | Game version: Last [Steam]
Supported AC | Supported anti-cheats : Easy-Anti-Cheat + Cerberus
Supported processors | Supported Processors : Intel & AMD
Supported OS | Supported OS x64 only: Windows 10 - 11 [2004 and more build]
supported modes | Support modes: All

Enable Silent Aim - Enable Silent Aim
Prediction - bullet lead
Fov - Aim work radius
Bone to Aim - Bone for aim
Nearest - Random bone
Sleeper Check - Don't target sleepers
Team Check - Don't aim at teammates
Knock Check - Don't aim at the knocked out
Visible Check - Do not aim at invisible

Enable ESP - Turn on the backlight
Bot ESP - Bots
2D Box - Boxing per player
Player Sleeper ESP - Sleeping players
Player Wounded ESP - Knocked Out Players
Player Health - Player health
Player Corpse - Corpses
Player Nickname - Player name
Player Active Weapon - Player's weapon
Ignore Sleeping - Ignore sleeping

Gun Trap ESP - Draw gun trap
Auto Turret ESP - Drawing auto turret
Flame Turret ESP - Drawing a fire turret
Land Air Turret ESP - Air turret rendering

Minicopter ESP - Drawing a mini helicopter
Cow ESP - Drawing a cow
Boat ESP - Drawing a boat
Big Boat ESP - Drawing a big boat

Air Drop - Drawing an airdrop
Stash ESP - Stash rendering
Hemp ESP - Drawing bushes
Dropped Items - Drawing items on the floor (Icons and text)

Ore ESP - Ore rendering [Sulfur | Metal | Stone]
Sulfur Ore - Sulfur
Stone Ore
Metal Ore - Metal

Silent Melle - Silent melee weapon.
Super Eoka - Eoka 100%
No Spread - No spread
No Recoil - Removes recoil
No Sway - No shaky weapons
Fast Shot - Fast shooting
Fast Bow - Fast Bow
Super Melee - Increased melee attack range
Safe No Recoil - Removes recoil so as not to burn on the server.
Thick Bullet - Thick bullets
Thick Bullets Size - Custom bullet size
Automatic - Automatic shooting from a semi-automatic

Custom Sky Color - Colors of the sky
Radar Hack - Radar on players
Reload Indicator - Reload speed
Spam Ammo - Spam ammo
Custom Fov - Custom fov
Custom Zoom - change the zoom in the game
Custom Weather - change the weather
Fly Hack - Map Flight [Low]
No Fall Damage - No fall damage
SpeedHack - Fast run
Long Neck - Long neck
Anti-Aim - Twist
Silent Farm - Ore Silent
Fake Lag - high ping (for players).
Big Jump - Big jumps
Admin Mod - Admin Functions
Infinite Jump - Infinite jumps
High Jump - High jumps
Always Day - Always day
Third Person - View from 3 persons
Debug Camera - Admin Camera
Disabling Game Textures - Disabling textures