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Supported game version: Steam
Supported anti-cheats : EAC
Supported processors: intel & amd
Supported OS : Windows 10 [1607-20H2]
Support for invisibility on videos or screenshots: Yes
Support full-screen game mode: No [Window / window without frame]

Player ESP - Player Lights
Bot ESP Active - Bot Highlight
Player Sleeper ESP - Illumination of sleeping Players
Rainbow ESP - Changes ESP colors every second
Player Corpse - Player Corpse Lighting
Player Box - Highlighting Boxing Players
Player Round Box - Highlight Players in a circle
Player Skeleton - Illuminated by the skeleton of Players
Player Health - Highlighting the health of Players
Player Nickname - Highlighting the nickname of the Players
Low Create ESP - Boxes on the Road
Higt tier Create - War crates
Hackable Create - Password Boxes
Corpse ESP - Corpse Lighting
Dropped Items ESP - Highlight items lying on the floor
Cupboard ESP - Cabinet Lights
Cupboard Name - Cupboard Name
Helicopter ESP - Helicopter Lighting
Cargo ESP - Ship lighting
Stash ESP - Stash Highlight
Food ESP - Food Lighting
Hemp ESP - Bush lighting
Raid ESP - Highlighting Explosives
Ore ESP - Ore Highlight
Ore Name - Ore name
Ore Distance - Distance to ore
AirDrop ESP - Airdrop Highlight
Panic Key [Delete] - Unload the cheat from the game
Double Jump - Double jump
Third-person view - Third person view
No Fall Damage - No fall damage
Disabling game textures - Disabling game textures
Spiderman - Climb Walls
Debug Camera - Admin Camera
Walk on water - Walk on water
FlyHack - You can fly slowly
Distance to Player - Player draw distance
Distance to Ore - Distance to draw ore
Distance to Items - Distance to draw items on the floor
Distance to Corpse - Distance to draw corpses
Distance to AirDrop - AirDrop drawing distance
Distance to Stash - Distance to draw Steshas