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Game Version | Game version: Last [Steam]
Supported AC | Supported anti-cheats: Easy-Anti-Cheat + Cerberus
Status | Status: Undetected / Running
HWID Spoofer: Built-in
Supported processors | Supported processors: Intel & AMD
Supported OS | Supported OS x64 only: Windows 10
OBS BYPASS: OBS, Xsplit, Shadowplay
Supported modes | Supports modes: Windowed, Bordles


Enable ESP - Enable backlight
Bot ESP - Bots
Sleeper ESP - Sleeping Players
2D Box - Boxing per player
Corner Box - Boxing per player
Player Skeleton - Player skeleton
Player Health - Player health
Draw Text - Info text
Ignore Sleeping - Ignore sleeping

Recoil Control - Recoil control
No Spread - No spread
Thick Bullet - Thick Bullets
Fast Shot - Fast shooting
Fast Bow - Fast Bow
Automatic - Auto shooting with a semi-automatic

FlyHack - Fly over the map [Low]
No Fall Damage - No fall damage
Admin Mod - Admin Functions
Infinite Jump - Infinite Jump
Always Day - Always day
Third Person - 3rd person view
Debug Camera - Admin Camera
Debug By Pass - Bypass camera blocking on servers
Disabling Game Textures - Disabling textures