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The software works only on Windows 10 1803-20H2
Intel and AMD processors supported

Software functions:

Player ESP

Box - Outline players with a square
Health Bar - show the player's health
Active Weapon - player's weapon
Skeleton - show the skeleton of the player
Corpse - player's backpack after death
Sleepers - show sleeping
Npc ESP - Show NPC

Loot ESP

Stone - show stones
Sulfur - show sulfur ore
Metal - show metal ore
Hemp - Show Cloth (Plant)
Drop items - show loot on the ground
Airdrop - show airdrops

Traps ESP

LandAirTurret - air turret
AutoTurret - automatic turrets
Guntrap - guntrap
Flametureet - fire turrets

Buildings ESP

Cupboard - show cupboards
Show Auth Cupbord - Who is authorized in the cupboard
Large Box - large box
Small Box - small box
Stash - shows the stash in the ground
Sleeping bag - sleeping bags

Vehicle ESP

Minicopter - minicopter
Cow - large copter (cow)
Boats - boat
Big boats - big boat

Always day - select the time of day
Crosshair - show crosshair
Panic Key - emergency shutdown button
Norecoil - choice of recoil from 10% to 100%