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Requirements for work:

The software works only on Windows 10 2004,20H2,2009
Intel and AMD processors supported
Works only in windowed mode
Software functions:


ESP - Turn on backlight
Sleeper ESP - Illumination of sleeping players
2D Box - Box illumination
Skeleton - Skeleton Highlight
Health - Health highlight
Nickname - Nickname highlight
Snaplines - Draw lines to opponents
Distance - Distance to opponents
Weapon in hands - Weapon in hands

Ore ESP - Ore Highlight
Crate ESP - Box lighting
Collectible ESP - Highlighting resources that can be collected
Stash ESP - Highlighting stashes
Corpse ESP - Corpse Lighting
Airdrop ESP - Airdrop highlighting
Guntrap ESP - Trap Lighting
Distance ESP - Distance setting
Minicopter ESP - Minicopter Lights
Dropped Item ESP - Illumination of dropped items on the ground
Helicopter ESP - Helicopter Lights
Cargo ESP - Ship lighting

DebugCamera - DebugCamera (To use, enter bind in the bind console with debug.debugcamera)
Change Time - Change the time of day in the game

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