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Game Version | Game version: Steam last
Supported OS only x64 | Supported OS x64 only: Windows 10 and 11
Supported processors | Supports Processors: Intel, AMD
Supported Modes | Supported Modes: Windowed, Borderless
Anticheat | Anti-cheat: EAC
Functional | Functional:

AimBot - enabling the ability to stick the sight to the neck with a lead (taking into account the fall and flight of the bullet)
Aim Fov - the radius of capture of the character's neck (if the enemy's neck is in the radius, the sight will stick "by default, the right mouse button (hold))
Aim Distance - the distance at which AIM will capture the target
SpiderMan - climb walls (safely 2 blocks)
InfinityJump- endless jumps, safely 2 high jumps
RCS - recoil control when AIM is running (so as not to shake)
No Spread - no spread
Fast Bullet - bullet speed increases
Fat Bullet - increases the thickness of the bullet (after payment, a video demonstration of how it works is given)
Admin Mode - enables console commands (listed below)
ESP - admin square for players and trash cans
Off TRASH ESP - disable ESP on the trash
Freecamera - includes a debug camera with which you can fly and see through houses or the situation on the battlefield
Always Day - set the time of day
Off Wall - turns off any walls
Off Grass - turns off the grass