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To pay by card, select in the table - STRIPE

Discover ASTRAL - a private cheat for RUST with easy launch and many features. Improve your game with aimbot, exploits, visual tweaks and more. Advantage in every match!

Built-in spoofer: No
Bypass recording in OBS: Yes
Supported game modes: Frameless, Windowed
Supported processors: Intel and AMD with AVX2 support from 2019 and up
Supported systems:Windows 10 PRO, Windows 11 PRO


Silent aim (bind) - Silent aim (bind)
Melee aim - Aim for melee weapons
Silent melee - Silent aim for melee weapons
Ignore NPC/wounded - Ignore NPCs and knocked ones
Aimbot bone - Aim bone
Hitchance - Chance to hit
Crosshair - Sight
Draw FOV - Show FOV
Target indicator - Target indicator
Instant hit - Instant hit
BulletTP - Bullet Teleport
Manipulator (bind) - Manipulator (bind)
Manipulation strenght - Strength of the manipulator


Name - Names
Box - Boxes
Skeleton - Skeletons
Weapon - Weapons
Visible check - Visibility check
Wounded color - Wounded color
Safezone color - Color of who is in the save
NPC color - NPC color
Sleepers color - Sleepers color
Player ESP distance - Player display distance
NPC ESP distance - Display distance
I'm an NPC

Playedrops ESP - ESP for drops
Collectables ESP - Collectable loot
Ores ESP - Ores

Food ESP - Food
Deployables ESP - ESP for deployable objects
ToolCupboard ESP - Tools
Crates ESP - Crates
Traps ESP - Traps
Dropped items ESP - Dropped items
Turret ESP - Turrets
Animals ESP - Animals
Vehicles ESP - Transport


Spiderman - Spiderman
Admin flags - Admin flags
Infinity jump - Endless jumps
Always sprint - Endless sprint
Hight jump - High jump
Increase height - Increase height
Arstuck - Hang in the air
Flyhack indicator & Anti-flyhack kick - Anti-flyhack indicator (anti-kick)
Ignore trees & players - Ignore players and trees
Instant loot - Instant loot
Instant heal - Instant healing
Instant revive - Instant rise of knocked down
Keep target alive - Keep the target alive
Suicide - Suicide
Thirdperson - Third person


Farm assist - Autofarmer
Auto farm ore & tree - Auto farm of ores and wood
Time changer - Change time
Bright night & cave - Bright nights and caves
Rainbow sky - Rainbow sky
Night stars - Night stars
No attack restrictions - No restrictions on attack
Recoil modifier (0-100%) - Recoil modifier
Thick bullet - Thick bullet
Fast bullet - Fast bullet
Force automatic - All weapons are automatic
Nop sway - Without swinging weapons
Instant eoka - Instant eoka
Long melee - Long melee weapon attack range
Weapon spammer (bind & delay) - Weapon spammer
Gesture spammer - Spam with gestures
Custom FOV - Custom FOV
Zoom (bind) - Zoom


Player ESP font size - Player font size
World ESP font size - Font size for the rest of ESP
Menu Color - Menu color
Config (5 configs) - Configs
Save & Load config - Save/Load configs