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Features of the software:

Protection based on the latest HyperVisor technology;
Huge functionality;
Built-in SPOOFER, which will protect your computer in case of hardware blocking;
Accurate Aimbot with a miscalculation of the distance to the target and bullet flatness;
Fully customizable ESP for all objects in the game;
And many many others!

Intel processor (AMD NOT SUPPORTED!)
Windows 10 version 1903,1909,2004 (Win 7 & 8 NOT SUPPORTED!)
GPT format of the disk on which Windows is installed 

Cheat functions:

Character esp (In on players):
Players - Player lighting
Grunts - Grunts
Water devils - Water devils
Meatheads - Meatheads
Immolators - Immolators
Leeches - Leeches
Assassins - Assassins
Spiders - Spiders
Hell hounds - Hell dogs
Butchers - Butchers

Object esp (esp on objects):

Bear traps - Bear traps
Clues - Clues
Supply boxes (ammo, health, items) (hidden when already loaded).
Melee weapons - Melee weapons
Throwable weapons - Throwing weapons (flashlights, etc.)
Explodable objects - Exploded objects (hidden when already exploded).
Hunter loot - Hunter loot
Dying horses - Horse (hidden when dead).
Birds - Birds
Dog in cages - Dog in a cages
Chicken in coops - Chicken in the chicken coop
Weapon crate - Weapon crate
Attractors - Attractors (hidden when destroyed).
Oil - Oil
Extraction points - Exit points


Works on all characters & npc's. - Works for all players and npc
Misc (Additional functions):


 Toggle + slider for weapon no spread. - Anti-scatter weapons

Attention, after purchasing the key, you cannot return it! Functions may change, it depends on the developer, not on us!

* When buying a cheat, you should understand that the use of this software is at your own peril and risk, the possibility of a ban or detection of a cheat for such a game sometimes happens

* Attention, operation on processors lower than 2015 is not guaranteed! There may also be errors in the system due to which the cheat may not start and in this case you will need to reinstall Windows.

When using a spoofer from RING, Windows activation may fail.