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Private cheat for the game PUBG Steam - RAMint

Game version / Game ver.: All / All;
Supported OS / OS: Windows 10-11;
Supported game mode / Game mode: All / All;
Supported processors / Processors: All / All.

ESP Player [ESP Players]
Our pubg cheat includes the following ESP features:

Box - surrounds the player with a square (2D / 2D filled);
Name - shows the names of enemies;
Bot - show bots separately;
Team - shows the team number (colored circles / text);
Health - number of lives of enemies (bar / text);
Skeleton - enemy skeleton;
Survival level - survivor level;
Weapon - enemy weapon (text / icon);
Distance - distance to the enemy;
Kills - number of kills made by the enemy in the current match;
Damage - the amount of damage inflicted by the enemy in the current match;
Spectators - number of spectators for the current player;
Enemy focus me - shows a notification of who took you into sight;
Full info - the button, when pressed, will show more detailed information about the players.
Cheat for pubg allows you to display loot in categories that you choose in the menu. After you have found the desired loot, you can turn off unnecessary functions in the cheat menu.

Items - shows things;
Advanced settings - detailed item settings (divided into item categories ammo/attach/armor/back/ghillie/AR/SR...);
* display each item separately
* item color
* item size
* transparency of things
* item name
Images - display items as pictures;
Show distance - shows the distance to the object;
Distance - controller for displaying the distance of an object;
AIMBOT [Aimbot]
In the config settings, you can set the body part on which the sight will be aimed, as well as the target acquisition radius (FOV). This feature will lead to victory at any level of the game.

Aim - activate the aimbot function;
FOV - size of the guidance circle (you can change the color and turn off the display of the circle);
Aim speed - targeting speed ( X - horizontal Y - vertical);
Aim Key - aim button selection;
Knocked Key - button selection for the knocked;
Target - choice of aiming aim (Head, Body, Legs / Head, Body, Legs);
MISC [Various]
Do not forget that for a very frank game you can get a report from the player.
Try to play naturally and don't get arrogant.

Spectators - shows the number of spectators for you;
Packages - displays all types of boxes;
Vehicle - shows transport (amount of fuel and amount of strength);
Radar - a radar on which shows the direction of the enemy's shot;
Objects - shows fired projectiles / grenades of enemies
Detailed settings for various cheat functions.

Outlined text - on/off text stroke;
Show FPS - shows FPS of the game;
Hot keys - on / off. hotkeys to quickly enable and disable cheat functions;
Rainbow settings - detailed settings for multi-colored text;
Notifications - setting notifications (if you are being watched / enable/disable cheat functions);
Language - cheat interface language (English / Russian)