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Game version / Game ver.: Steam / Mail / Kakao;
Supported OS / OS: Windows 10 from 1909 build, 11 (All) / (ALL);
Supported game mode / Game mode: Windowed or Bordered Window;
Supported Processors / Processors: Intel / AMD.
Menu language: Russian and English;

ESP Player [ESP Players]

Our pubg cheat includes the following ESP features:
Box - Outlines the player with a square.
Box Type - On the button numepad1 changes the type of square 2D or 3D.
ESP Name - Shows the names of the enemies.
ESP Team - Changes the display color of the distance to the enemy in the form of the color of one team.
ESP HP - Shows the number of lives of enemies.
HP Type - Changes the type of display of lives (vertical bar, horizontal bar, as numbers).
Skeleton - Shows the skeleton of enemies.
Distance - Shows the distance to enemies and objects.
Line - Shows the line to enemies and AirDrop.
Kill Count - Shows the number of enemy kills.
Enemy Weapon - Shows the enemy's weapon, the amount of ammo in the magazine and the number of kills.
ShowBot - Shows bots.
Visible Check - Shows if the player is behind an obstacle.


AIMBOT [Aimbot]

In the config settings, you can set the body part on which the sight will be aimed, as well as the target acquisition radius (FOV). This feature will lead to victory at any level of the game.


AIM - Activate aimbot function
AIM Bone - Selection of aiming aim (Head, Body, Legs / Head, Body, Legs).\
AIM Key - Select aim button (SHIFT, CAPS, Left mouse button, right mouse button, X, F).
FOV - The size of the guidance circle (can be adjusted during the game using the + and - keys).
No FOV - Disable FOV circle display
Aim Smooth - The speed of aiming the sight at the target.

Cheat for pubg allows you to display loot by categories that you choose in the menu, as well as airdrops and vehicles. After you have found the desired loot, you can turn off unnecessary functions in the cheat menu.


Item Drop - Shows items.
Airdrop - Shows the content of the Airdrop.
Item Pic - Display items in pictures
Image Size - Image size for boxes and airdrops
Image SizeItem - Image size of items
Death Drop - Shows the contents of the enemy's box after death.
Vehicle Pic - Display of vehicles in pictures
Vehicle - Shows the vehicle.
Item - Shows things.
- Item Ammo / Shows ammo.

- Item Armor / Shows Helmets and Armor.

- Item Med / Shows medicines.

- Item Suppressor / Shows silencers.

- Item Scope / Shows sights.

- Item Weapon / Shows the weapon.

MISC [Various]

In the video of our game you can see how it works.

Do not forget that for a very frank game you can get a report from the player.

Try to play naturally and don't get arrogant.


Speedhack - Acceleration of all actions in the game.
Spectators - Shows the number of spectators for you.
AntiScreenshot - Disables the ability to take screenshots of the cheat.
Radar - Radar on opponents, displayed separately from the minimap.