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Windows 10 (1809,1903,1909,2004) Only

Esp - Shows enemy Hitboxes. On or off.
Distance - Distance to the enemy.
Skeleton - Draws the skeleton of models.
Operator Name - Displays the name of the operator.
Head Circle - Displays the "Hitbox" of the head.
Crosshair - Point in the center of the screen.
FOV - Aimbot activation radius. On or off.
Active - enable and disable aimbot.
Aimbot Key - Binding a convenient button to activate the aimbot.
Best Distance - Activation of aimbot for a target that is closer to you.
Close To Crosshair - Activation of aimbot on a target that is closer to your crosshair.
Auto Switch - Automatic switching of targets.
Smooth - Setting for smooth aiming of the aimbot at the enemy.
FOV - Changes the radius of the circle. Zone for aimbot activation. Targets the enemy if it is within the radius of the circle.
No Recoil - Removes the recoil of the weapon.
No Spread - Removes bullet spread.
No Flash - Removes the grenade blinding.
Automatic - Automatic firing mode for all weapons.
Risk functions:
Unlock All - Unlocks weapons, skins, modifications and all characters.
Silent Aimbot - Silent aimbot. You can shoot near the enemy, but the bullets will fly at the target.
Run and Shot - The ability to shoot while running.
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