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Working private pak for PUBG Steam game - TOOPAK
Supports OS: Windows 10
Supports operating systems: intel and amd
Game version: Steam / Kakao


No animation
- No shaking
- No shaking when a bullet hits you
-Melee ESP
- Green Blood
- Opponent color / Choice of colors (heads / body)
- Clothes color / Choice of colors
- Armor color (helmet, backpack, armor) / Level adjustment (t1 / t2 / t3) / Color selection
- Fast sight
- Go through the door
- FPS boost
- Look through the walls
- No stones
- No bushes
- No animation of raising loot
- No roofs
- No smoke and flash
- No windows in houses
- Windows without frames in houses
- No water
- No grass
- No grass in the distance
- Gray ground
- Freeze the enemy when a bullet hits him
- No unnecessary textures / risk
- No house textures
- Gray houses
- Windows without frames
- Clear sound
- Colored boxes
- Colored cars / red
- Clear weather
- Night / shine
- No trees
- No trees after 400m
- Magic Bullet / Risk
- Camera zoom away
- No recoil
- TPP in FPP mode
- Moving the camera away from the character

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