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Syndicate - One of the safest and most user-friendly PUBG cheats at the moment. The cheat is easy to use, and also has a wide range of functions that you can customize for yourself.
Our cheat for PUBG has HWID Spoofer, it can protect you from being banned by hardware.
The program has all the necessary functions for a comfortable, legitimate game. But if you go in, you can turn all the settings to the maximum and take out the floor of the lobby. Also, be sure to check the system requirements below.

Game version :: Steam;
Supported OS: Windows 10 (1803, 1809, 1903, 1909, 2004, 20H2, 21H1, 21H2)
Supported game modes :: Fullscreen / No frames / Windowed;
Supported processors :: Intel, AMD;


Humanize - Humanoid aim;
- Humanize Factor - Accuracy setting;
No Sway - No shaking of the sight;
No Recoil - No recoil;
Prediction - Predicting target movement;
Visible check - Check for visibility;
Ignore knocked - Ignore knocked ones;
FOV - Aimbot work radius;
Smooth - aiming speed;
Bone Selection - Bone selection:
- Nearest / Near mow;
- Always Head / Always head;
- Head + Body / Always the body, but when changing the bone through the bind, the head;
Draw fov - Display fov;
Aimbot Key - Aim activation key;
Hitbox Switch Key - The key to change the aiming bone;
ESP Player [ESP Players]:
Draw Box - Boxes of opponents;
Draw Name - Names of opponents;
Draw Health - The health of opponents;
Draw Skeleton - Skeletons of opponents;
Draw Weapon - Active weapon of the enemy;
Draw Distance - Distance to the enemy;
Draw Barrel - Shows where the enemy is looking;
Draw Bot Mark - Show bots;
Outline Box - Outline Stroke;
Filled Box - Fill the stroke;
Corner Box - corner strokes;
Corner Box Factor - Corner size;
Health Bar Type - Health display type:
- Default / Standard;
- Colored / Color;
- Gradient / Gradient;
Bullet tracer - Tracking bullets;
Show spectators - Show spectators;
Engine radar - Radar on the mini map;
Visible Color - Colors of visible opponents;
Invisible Color - Colors of opponents behind obstacles;
Knocked Color - Knocked colors;
Radar Visible Color - Colors of visible enemies on the radar;
Radar Invisible Color - The colors of enemies behind obstacles on the radar;
Draw Distance - Show distance;
Min Distance - Limit display distance;
Ammo - Ammo;
Armor - Armor;
Ghillie - Mashalat;
Backpack - Backpack;
Jerry Can - Canister;
Throwable - Throwing items;
Sniper - Sniper rifles;
Rifle - Rifles;
Melee - Melee;
Panzerfaust - Panzerfaust;
Pistol - Pistols;
SMG - Submachine guns;
Heavy - Machine guns;
Flare gun - Flaergan;
Crossbow - Crossbow;
Spike Trap - Spike trap;
Shotgun - Shotgun;
Attachment - Attachments for weapons;
Medical - Pharmacies and boosts;
Emergency Pickup - Emergency kit;
ESP Other:
Vehicles - Transport;
Air Drops - Airdrops;
Death Drops - Boxes of corpses;
Projectile Nades - Show where the grenade is flying;
Out Of FOV Arrows - Shows grenades with arrows;
Use Distance - use distance;
Vending Machines - Vending machines;
MISC [Miscellaneous]:
No Grass - No grass;
Hide Name (Will disappear after 1 min) - Hiding the nickname, works only for 1 minute;
FOV Changer - Zoom out the camera on the first person;
Map Prediction - Predikshin on the mini-map;
Walk Through Walls - Walk through walls;