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Private cheat for the game PUBG - SOFTHUB

One of the private cheats created by developers with extensive experience in the field of cheating. By purchasing this cheat for PUBG, you will receive startup help, constant updates, and no account lockout thanks to full protection. This cheat has been on the market since the release of the game, during which time it has managed to establish itself as a reliable pubg cheat, which has never been detected, and that is why it has become the choice of many players.
The huge functionality of the Pubg hack SOFTHUB will allow you to fully enjoy the gameplay: with the help of the wallhack function you can look through walls, you will also be perfectly able to auto-target the enemy with a choice of aiming at the bone, recoil control, highlighting weapons, ammunition and other consumables located on the map, and many more goodies that will definitely come in handy!
The PUBG SOFTHUB cheat works on all versions of Windows 10 and is also compatible with Intel and AMD processors.

ATTENTION! For this PUBG hack SOFTHUB to work, you need a USB drive from which the cheat is launched.

Cheat Version: External [Superimposed on top, not visible on screenshots and OBS]
Game Version: Steam
Processors: Intel / AMD

Works on system: Windows 10 and 11

Attention! To use the cheat you need a flash drive, it is also USB.

Cheat functions:


- Turn on
- Leading to the target when capturing an aimbot
- Compensation of recoil / breathing when shooting (only works with aim)
- Bone selection (head / body)
- Changing the radius of the aimbot
- Changing the guidance speed
- Draw a circle with the radius of the aimbot


- 2D Boxes
- Skeletons
- Health bar
- Distance
- Draw target target
- Lines (from the bottom of the center of the screen to the feet)
- Changing the draw distance

For purchase via bank card use Paymaster