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supported game version: steam / mail
Supported anti-cheats :
BattlEye - Undetected
XIGNCODE3 - Undetected
Xenuine - Undetected
supported processors: intel & amd
Supported OS : Windows 7-10
Support for invisibility on videos or screenshots: Yes
Support full-screen game mode: No [Window / window without frame]

- AIM -
FOV - Radius
Speed - Speed of debugging
Aim Point - The target where the aim will be directed
Head / Neck / Body - (Head / Neck / Body)
Prediction - Prediction for aim (Correction for distance and speed of the enemy)
Visible Check - Check for visibility
Friendly Fire - Doesn?t target allies

Box - Squares as player display
2D / Corner / 3D - Type of boxes
Skeleton - Show the enemy skeleton
Head Point - Opponent?s head outline
Visible Check - Check for visibility
Line ESP - Lines to the player
Distance - Distance to the player
Heal - Show enemy health
TEXT / BAR - a kind of health display
Number Squad - enemy squad number
Friendly - Shows no allies

Recoil Control - X and Y recoil control

Cfg system - System for saving cheat settings
Crosshair - drawing the sight
Unload cheat - unload the cheat from the game

Visible Enemy - Select the color of the visible enemy
Invisible Enemy - Choose the color of the invisible enemy
FOV - Choose the color of the aim radius
Skeleton - Choose the color of the skeleton of the enemy
Distance - Select the color of the distance
Heal - Choose the color of health
Line - Line color selection
Head Point - Choose the color of the opponent?s head
Nubmer Squad - Choose the color of the enemy squad