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KRYPTON - A private cheat for playing PUBG. The software has had the Undetected status for over half a year. The program does not squander FPS in the game, even if you enable all visual functions.
If you have previously used cheats from Syndicate, then you need to reinstall your Windows. most likely the software will not work for you

If you've used Syndicate before, then you'll need to reinstall Windows.

Game version :: Steam / Mail;
Supported OS :: 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (All versions);
Supported game modes :: Fullscreen / No frames / Windowed;
Supported Processors :: Intel & AMD;

AIMBOT [Aimbot]

Mode - Aimbot operation mode:
- Auto / Automatically;
- Key / Button;
Auto cycle - mode of changing the target after the kill
Compensate sway - Removes breath when aiming;
Draw fov - Display the fov circle;
Bone - Select bone for aim:
- Pelvis / Taz;
- Spine lower / back lower;
- Spine middle / middle back;
- Spine high / Chest;
- Neck / Neck;
- Head / Head;
- Face / Face;
Distance - the distance of the aimbot;
Fov - The radius of the aimbot;
Check visible - Checking the visibility of the target;
Smoothing mode - Type of smoothing smoothing:
- Off / Off;
- Constant;
- Decreasing / Timely increase in delay;
Legit smoothing - "Human-like" debugging, based on the calculation of mathematical curves;
- Smooth X / Smooth debugging along the X axis;
- Smooth Y / Smooth finishing along the Y axis;
Recoil control - Recoil control system that only works with aim;
- Recoil X / X-axis recoil compensation;
- Recoil Y / Y-axis recoil compensation;
Delay - Delay before debugging;
Duration - Frequency of updates;
Delay cycle - Delay of the aimbot work cycle;
ESP Player [ESP Players]
Range - the maximum distance of displaying opponents;
Closest - the distance beyond which the information cluttering the screen is not displayed above the players;
Boxes - Boxes:
- Normal / Normal;
- Corners / Corners;
Health - Health:
- Text / Text;
- Bar / Graphically;
Names - The names of the players;
Distance - Distance to players;
Skeleton - Highlighting bones;
Weapon - Displays the active weapon of enemy players;
Lines - Lines to players;
Groggy - displays disabled players separately from normal players;
Custom color - allows you to set any esp color you like;
Items ESP
Icons - Highlighting objects in pictures;
Name - Names of items:
- Normal / Normal;
- Detailed / Detailed;
Distance - Distance of displaying objects;
Type - Item Categories:
- Equipment / Armor;
- Weapon / Weapon;
- Attachment / Modules;
- Ammunition / Ammunition;
- Use / First Aid Kits;
Custom color - Allows you to set any color of items depending on their category that you like;
Common [Other]
Airdrops - Airdrops:
- Range / radius of airdrop illumination;
- Custom color / allows you to set any Airdrop color you like;
Dead drops - Crates of corpses:
- Range / radius of deathdrop illumination;
- Custom color / allows you to set any deathdrop color you like;
Vehicles - Transport:
- Distance / Distance to the vehicle;
- Range / Radius of illumination vehicles;
- Custom color / Allows you to set any color of vehicles that you like;
Spectators - The number of observers for you;
Radar - Opponents will be shown on the map in a separate place on the screen;