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One of the private cheats created by developers with extensive experience in the field of cheating. By purchasing this cheat for PUBG MOBILE, you will receive startup help, constant updates, and no account lockout thanks to full protection. This cheat has been on the market since the release of the game, during which time it has managed to establish itself as a reliable pubg mobile cheat, which has never been detected, and that is why it has become the choice of many players.
The huge functionality of the Pubg MOBILE hack SOFTHUB will allow you to fully enjoy the gameplay: with the help of the wallhack function you can look through walls, you will also be perfectly able to auto-target the enemy with a choice of aiming at the bone, recoil control, highlighting weapons, ammunition and other consumables located on the map, and many more goodies that will definitely come in handy!
The PUBG MOBILE SOFTHUB cheat works on all versions of Windows 10 and is also compatible with Intel and AMD processors.

ATTENTION! For this PUBG MOBILE hack SOFTHUB to work, you need a USB drive from which the cheat is launched.

STATUS: UNDETECT - software not detected
TYPE: Multihack - assembly of unique functionality
EMULATOR: Tencent and Gameloop only
Works on system: Windows 10 and windows 11
“Cheat only works on PC. Pubg mobile must be via the official Tencent and Gameloop emulator. Will not work on other emulators. Will not work on the phone. "

Middle East and India cannot use this cheat.


Box / Square outlines the opponent
Skeletons / Display the skeleton of the enemy
Health / enemy health
Distance / Distance to the enemy
Snaplines / Lines to the enemy
Weapons / Weapons on the ground
Ammo / Ammo on the ground
Consumables / Consumables on the ground
Pickups / Body armor, helmets, backpacks on the ground
Crates / boxes of the dead and airdrop
Scopes / Sights on the ground
Modules / Modules (Silencers, shops etc. etc.) on the ground
Vehicles / Technology
Aim Bone: Head - Chest / Head - Body
AimKey / Aim button
Aim Marker
Crosshair / Sight
Fov Value
Fov Circle
Sticky Aim
Smooth Speed
Priority By: Crosshair - Distance
No Recoil / Remove Recoil
InstaHit / Instant Hit
Enemy Dist
Players Color / Color of Boxes and Opponent Lines
Cheat for pubg mobile with the ability to play in full screen mode, launch on a high-speed driver without lags in the game. Cheat for pubg mobile includes 3 tariffs of the program, well suited for those who do not play very often. Let's say a 1-day tariff is suitable for an evening game.

Support for pubg mobile tencent and Gameloop cheats are emulator-bound and only work on PC. The aim function for pubg mobile is implemented using a mouse sentiment, not related to the game memory. The ability to see through walls allows the ESP function which can highlight the skeletons of players, full HP information, distance to the player and squares.

The cheat for pubg mobile is implemented over the screen of the tencent and Gameloop emulator, it is possible to stream with the cheat and bypass OBS. Cheat includes settings for AIM and Memory functions such as Anti-recoil and Instant Hit (InstaHit)

The unique development includes a number of features that allow you to reach the top 1 without any effort. The cheat includes a completely accurate AIMbot that works thanks to the AIM Speed ??and AIM Radius. The demo is set to 100, which is an absolutely safe value. Additional features from the MEMORY tab remove recoil and include InstaHit. From the ESP functions, absolutely all functions are included except for "Snaplines / Lines", the video shows how smoothly the functions work, there are no AIM deviations due to recoil compensation. If you do not want to spoil the game process, you can always use the F2 key which brings up the game menu and turn off AIM functions

Dating with tariffs:

Please note that you need a USB flash drive to run.