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We would like to present to your attention a new private cheat for the game PUBG Mobile emulator - BTG Hack. It was developed by experienced developers who have several successful projects in their arsenal. The program is regularly updated and refined. Has all the necessary functions for successful victories and dominance. Relatively recently it was developed and added to our site. Due to the small number of users, it has a minimal chance of being blocked. A simple launch that anyone, even the most inexperienced user, can handle. There is a small selection of programs in the Pabg Mobile game, I can safely recommend looking at this one. Works on all versions of GameLoop emulator. Also, Windows 10 is required to work.

PUBG Mobile private cheat functionality - BTG Hack
AimBot - auto-aiming at enemies (And its settings)
Draw Skelet - Shows the skeleton of enemies
Draw 2D Box - draw squares around enemies
Draw Lines - draws lines to enemies
Draw Distance - displays the distance to enemies
Draw Health - displays the health of enemies
Draw Vehicles - displays vehicles
Draw Ammo - Highlights all ammo near you [Loot]
Draw Medical - Highlights Medicines [Loot]
Draw Helmet, Armor, Bugs - Helmets are displayed - Armor - Backpacks [Loot]
Draw Scopes - displays scopes [Loot]
Draw Granades - displays grenades [Loot]
Draw Weapons - displays weapons [Loot]
Distance to Draw - adjust the radius of the ESP functions