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Status :: Undetected
Game version :: Garena / Official launcher;
Supported OS :: Windows 10 from ver 1803 - 20h2;
Supported Game Mode :: Frameless / Windowed;
Supported processors :: Intel, AMD;


ESP Player [ESP Players]

Our cheat for pubg lite includes the following ESP features:
Box / Boxes (2D / 3D)
Name / Nickname
Team / Team
Health / Health (Bar / Numbers)
Line / Lines
Distance (10m - 1500m)

AIMBOT [Aimbot]

Improved AIMBOT [Optional]
AIMBOT takes bullets into account, and always shoots to hit the enemy. In the AIM menu, you can set the body part at which the sight will be aimed, as well as the target acquisition radius. This feature will lead to victory at any level of the game.
On / off - on / off & color fov
Aims at: Head / body / legs - Aiming selection (head / body / legs)
Aim key - Aimbot activation button
FOV size for aim (10-280)
Visible Check - Visibility check


Cheats for pubg light allow you to display the loot that you choose in the menu, airdrops and vehicles. After you have found the desired loot, you can turn off unnecessary functions in the cheat menu.
On / Off - On / Off
Weapon / Weapon display & color
Ammo / Ammo display & color
Scope / Scopes & Color
Armor / Armor display & color
Grenade / Grenade display & color
Med / Display first aid kits & color
Smart / Auto color
Images / Loot in Pictures
Distance / Loot display distance (1m - 150m)

Other [Miscellaneous]

For Anti-recoil to work, you don't need to put any attachment on the weapon, just turn it on.
You can see how it works in the video of our game.
Do not forget that for a very frank game you can get a report from the player.
Try to play naturally and don't be impudent.
No Recoil (AK / scarl / p1911 / vss / s686 / saiga / m16a4 / m416 / mini14 / Groza / sks / kar / mk14)
Super Jump - High jump
Spectate - Color with and without spectator
Speed ??Hack / Fast Run - Activation Button
Death box / Box of corpses - Color
Airdrop / Airdrops
Vehicle / Vehicle - Vehicle display & color
Radar / Radar


Our cheat has a very convenient anti-screenshot function, which will also protect you from anti-cheat pubg light, which takes screenshots of your game. There is also a convenient function for changing the language, and of course the most necessary thing is to save the configuration of the cheat that you can share with your friends or activate the config that your friend gave.
Anti screan capture / Anti-screenshot - on / off
Language / Language - Eng / RU
Save Config
Load Config