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Radarhack on pubg steam, pubg mail ru and pubg lite shows enemies on the radar, and also displays additional information of your choice, for example, where the enemy is looking, shows certain vehicles and things that you choose in the setting, and even airdrop. The radar can be opened wherever convenient for you, even on the phone! The cheat itself is as easy as possible and bypasses the anti-cheat PUBG.
Cheat on pubg for three games at once and if any of the games is updated, the cheat will be updated for the new version of the game and will work just as well! Private cheat on PUBG Steam, PABG Mail.ru and PUBG LITE will be issued automatically immediately after payment.
After payment you will immediately receive:
1. The activation key for the cheat.
2. The private cheat itself on pubg.
3. Video instructions for activation and use.
4. Textual instruction.

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