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Status / Status :: UNDETECTED
Game Version / Game Version :: Garena / Official launcher
OS / Supported OS :: Windows 10 from ver 1803 - 2004
Game Mode / Supported game mode :: Windowed or Window without frame;
Processors / Supported processors :: All.


ESP Player [ESP Players]

Our pubg cheat includes the following ESP features:
On / off - on / off
Draw loot
Use icons for drawing loot / Loot icons
Draw aimbot fow / fow aimbot & color fow
Draw crosshair / Sight
Draw spectator count
Draw out of screen
Draw boxes
- Boxes visible color / Color of visible boxes
- Boxes invisible color / Color of invisible boxes
Draw healthbar / HP bars
Draw text hp or bar / HP text
Draw bot info / Show bots
Draw snaplines
Draw distance
Draw names
Draw weapons / Weapons
Draw vehicles
Draw airdrops / Airdrops
Draw dead inventory boxes


The program has its own radar, which displays opponents on a mini-radar, the location of which in the game you choose yourself. This is very convenient, if someone is in your back, you can notice it without turning around.
On / off - on / off
Radar scaling (0% -200%)
Radar pos x / Position of the radar by x (0-1720)
Radar pos y / Position of the radar y (0-880)
Radar width (1-600)
Radar height (1-600)

AIMBOT [Aimbot]

AIMBOT has a predictive function and takes into account the fall of bullets, this allows you to more effectively hit the enemy at a long distance and in motion. In the menu, you can set the body part at which the sight will be aimed, as well as the target acquisition radius (FOV). This feature will lead to victory at any level of the game.
On / off - on / off
Key bind
Visible check
Aims at: Head / Neck / Chest / Pelvis - Aiming selection (head / neck / chest / pelvis)
Sway correction
Recoil correction
Recoil compensation x / Anti-recoil by x (0% -100%)
Recoil compensation y / Anti-recoil on y (0% -100%)
FOV size for aim (0  -103 )


Cheat for PUBG Lite allows you to display loot in both pictures and text. You yourself choose which loot to display in the menu, as well as airdrops and vehicles. You can adjust the display distance for each individual item or for all at once - it's up to you. After you have found the desired loot, you can turn off unnecessary functions in the cheat menu.
On / Off - On / Off
Item selection
Use custom settings for this item / Separate settings for this item
Draw this item in dead inventory box / Show dead in inventory
- Icon scaling for this item / Scaling the icon of this item (0% -200%)
- Icom transparency for this item (0 - 255)
Custom color / Choice of color for each item
Distance (0m-500m)

Misc [Miscellaneous]

The program is fully translated into Russian. You can save your settings and you don't have to tweak everything again in every game. The software also has a fast run function, but be careful because using this function can lead to your account being blocked.
- English
- Russian
- Load config / Load config
- Save config / Save config
New config name:
- Create and save config / Create and save config
- Reset all settings / Reset current settings
- On / Off - On / Off
- Bind key - Button selection