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Private cheat on PUBG LITE pc is a full-fledged multi-hack with aim bots, wall hack, esp functions on enemies and esp loot to see enemies and things through walls in pubg light. A cheat with a simple menu that allows you to set up a multi-hack with ease for anyone, but this is not necessary, because when you buy a cheat from us, you are given ready-made cheat settings for a comfortable game! Private cheat on PUBG LITE in, esp loot and aim bot with ready-made settings in Russian will be issued automatically immediately after payment.
After payment you will immediately receive:
1. Link to download cheat for pubg light.
2. An activation key that you activate and a private cheat will be available for you for the purchased time (time begins to be spent after activation, you can activate the key whenever you want).
3. Ready-made settings for cheating.
4. Video instructions for using the cheat.
5. Textual instructions for launching and activation.

Cheat works on windows 10, 8.1 and 8

== Aim ==
- Enable
= Limits:
- radius
- speed
= Goal:
- bone
- Button
= Weapon:
- Anti-Recoil
- Anti Wiggle
- Prediction
== Visuals ==
- Boxes (2D, 2D angular, 3D)
- skeleton
- A circle
- lines
- distance
- Player name
- HP (Text, Barom)
- team number
== Loot ==
- weapons
- Sights
- Suspensions
- Backpacks
- Helmets
- Armor
- Ammo
- First aid kits
- Adrenaline
- Transport
- AirDrop
== Settings ==
- Save settings
- Tongue
- Vertical sync
- draw a sight
- Stroke overlay
- Overlay Information
- Unload cheat (turn off cheat)