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Developers known for the games RUST, Warzone and DayZ have released a new cheat for the game PUBG. Cheat for PUBG has a standard set of features that will be enough for an ordinary player to dominate on any server. Enjoy your use.

BTG (break the game) software for PUBG

If the software does not start for you, you may have to reinstall Windows, we will give you a working build of Windows.

Mandatory requirements:
Flash drive up to 16GB required
The drive on which Windows is installed must be in GPT format
Windows must be PRO (Home version is not supported)
Sub builds: 19041,19042,19043,19044

Esp Skeleton
Esp Boxes
Esp Lines
Esp Distance
Esp Names
Esp Health
Air Drops
Death Drops
Draw Bots
Max Distance

Esp Cars
Esp Medical
Esp Weapon
Esp Ammo
Esp Helmet
Esp Armor
Esp Back Pack
Esp Mods
Esp Grenades
Max Distance