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Cheat Information
PhoenixHack is a private cheat for a CSGO that has a special cheat menu. The software developers have made a convenient panel used to fully configure the hack through the browser. Can be customized from mobile devices. Phoenix Hack CS: GO has extensive functionality and the most reliable protection against VAC, therefore, using this product, you can safely play and not worry about banning your account, because anti-cheat will never be able to detect you.

To start using the program you need to follow these steps:
1) During the payment process, you fill out the form for registering an account on our website. If you already have an account, just enter your details. After completing the payment, you must click on the "Get the goods" button.
After you send the registration information, you will need to confirm your mail.
Next, log in to the site xtreh.ru under the login and password specified after payment.
2) On the site, click on your avatar (top right) -> My applications -> Download.

Detailed instructions will be sent along with the payment letter to your mail. Be sure to read it, you will understand how to run the program.

Visual features
Square opponents
Names of opponents
Amount of health, armor
Arms in hand
Aiming lines
Additional sight
Point spread display
Aimbot capture radius
Weapons on earth
Sapper Set
Bomb location
OBS Bypass
Model Stroke
Shows a man with a bomb
Enemy highlighting
Aimbot for all weapons
AimBot Engine - aim for weak PCs
Randomize - a mode that introduces randomness in the work of aim.
Setting aim's response distance
Glare check
Smoke test
Delay after the kill
Aimbot radius
Lapping and lapping speed
Replacing all skins on all weapons
Visual replacement of knives
Visual glove replacement
Visual sticker replacement
Auto jump and auto-drift
Damage Information
Possibility to remove hands
Shows the ranks of the players in the table
3rd person view
Auto Accept Game
Setting display colors for all functions
Saving cheat configuration
Cloud CFG