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Private cheat PUBG - Maria Hack
The top private PUBG cheat, Maria Hack, has been on the market for a long time and has been constantly updated and refined. Previously, did not take on sale due to the high activation price. Now there is a Russian representative and the opportunity to give you the best price for the activation of this software. We can say that I recommend the program - it is functional, simple to launch and convenient to use.

Works on systems: Windows 10 (1809 - 2004 Build)
Game Version: Steam
- English / Chinese
- HWID Lock: The key can only be used once per machine.
- Doesn't work in korea

Teammate - ESP on teammates
Enemy - Esp on Enemies
Vehicle - Cars
Airdrop - Air Drop
Deathdrop - Dead Player Loot Box
Weapon - Weapons
Equipment - Body Armor, Helmet and Backpack
Drug - Medicines
Scope - Sights from 4x
Ammo - Ammo

HeadAim - Aim bot with a tip to the head
Position - The part of the body on which the aima will be induced
Smooth - Aim tuning speed, 1 slow, 5 fast.
Recognition - Aim Bot Distance
Invisible - Visible Check
AimKey - Aim Button

Radar - Radar on the minimap
Fight mode - Disable all input except skeletons and hp bar.
Spected count - Number of spectators
Language - Language (English / Chinese)
Item show - Item Display
Enemy Color - CES Color
Enemy Bone Thickness - Skeleton Thickness
ESP Info - ESP info shows distance, team number and kills.