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I present to your attention a high-quality private cheat ToirScript for the game League of Legends. An up-to-date program that has been running for more than two years. Popular European software, which is played by hundreds of users around the world. It is equipped with all the necessary features that will lead you and your team to quick, easy victories. One of the most stable cheats. The developers are not scattered and pay attention only to the program for lol. That is why it is one of the first to be updated.

System requirements of the program
Operating systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11;
Processors: Intel and AMD;


Display of skill cooldown;
Displays the last place where the enemy was seen;
The distance by which he could move away from the point where he was last seen since that moment;
Display of upgraded skills;
Displaying the cooldown of summoner skills;
The direction of the enemy's movement;
Displays the location where the enemy uses return to base;
Display of the enemy's return to base;
Display the enemy timer for returning to base;
Display of the hidden totem and its duration;
Control totem display;
Display of the all-seeing totem;
Displaying the attack radius of enemy towers;
Displaying the radius of the hero’s skills;
Moving the camera away;
Displaying the timer for the appearance of forest camps;
Displays the health, mana and summoner skills of all opponents;

Support for all champions

Locking a target for attack
Auto target selection
Flexible skill customization
Kill still
Auto last hit creeps
Setting up forest clearing
Auto activation of items
Auto potion
Auto caraf
Auto InSec and KeyBlade
Yasuo exploit
Auto Yumi
Visual Features

Displaying wards/traps Displaying tower radius
Forest camp timer
Moving the camera away
Gank Warning


Skill cooldown timer
Visual pre-calculation Skill pre-calculation


Auto kite
Visual pre-calculation Skill pre-calculation
Summoner Spells

Automatic use of quests/spells Display of rollback of quests/spells Displayed radius of spells

Other Features

Displaying clones of champions
Log Cleaner
Ready-made custom configs
Fake clicks
Changing images
Anti AFK