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With this program you can freeze your opponents in place for a few seconds and kill them at that time. The damage passes and the enemy dies! It goes well with our other product, namely radar. Working Lag Switch for Escape From Tarkov, as well as for other games.

The software is designed to freeze players at any distance, making it easier to hit the enemy, go beyond the walls in the lag and teleport back (opponents will not see you)

Built-in spoofer: No
Supported Game Modes: Windowed, Frameless, Full Screen
Supported processors: Intel and AMD
Supported systems: Windows 10, 11

GLS functions:


Enable GLS: on / off (GLS activation)
Enable keybind: keybind (custom GLS activation key)
Select path: button (select the game executable file .exe)
Lag mode: Lag Switch / Fake Lag (select lag mode)
Lag Switch

Traffic: Incoming / Outgoing / All (select traffic filtering: incoming / outgoing / any)
Incoming traffic
Incoming bypass: on / off (bypass incoming connection protection)
UDP bypass: on / off (bypass UDP traffic protection)
Duration: min 100 / max 10000 [ms] (lag duration)
Delay after: min 100 / max 1000 [ms] (delay time after lag)
Fake Lag

Enable: on/off (fakelag activation)
Delay: min 10 / max 5000 [ms] (interval between activation and deactivation of the lag)
Delay after: min 10 / max 5000 [ms] (Interval after deactivation of the lag action and before the next activation)
Hold key: on / off (activation of the lag action by holding down a key, without duration / delay)
Activation keybind: keybind (custom lag action activation key)
Sounds: on / off (activation of sounds when activating / deactivating the lag action)

Save configuration / Reset configuration
Randomization: on / off (Randomization of the effect of lags)
Lag Switch: min 10 / max 1000
Fake Lag: min 10 / max 1000
Message output: on / off (Output messages with randomization values applied)

To pay by card, select Stripe from the menu