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Supported processors : intel & amd
Supported OS : Windows 10 and 11
Support full-screen game mode : No [Window / window without frame]

Enable GLS: on / off (activate GLS)
Enable keybind: keybind (custom GLS activation key)
Select path: button (selection of the game executable file .exe)
Lag mode: Lag Switch / Fake Lag (choice of lag mode)
Hold key: on / off (activation of the lag action by pressing a key, without duration / delay)
Activation keybind: keybind (custom lag action activation key)
Sounds: on / off (activation of sounds when activating / deactivating the lag action)

Lag switch:
Traffic: Incoming / Outgoing / All (traffic filtering selection: incoming / outgoing / any)
Incoming bypass: on / off (bypass incoming connection protection)
UDP bypass: on / off (bypass UDP traffic protection)
Duration: min 100 / max 10000 [ms] (lag duration)
Delay after: min 100 / max 1000 [ms] (delay after lag)

fake lag:
Enable: on / off (fakelag activation)
Delay: min 10 / max 5000 [ms] (interval between lag activation and deactivation)
Delay after: min 10 / max 5000 [ms] (Interval after the deactivation of the lag action and before the next activation)

Save configuration / Reset configuration (save / delete configuration)
Randomization: on / off (Lag action randomization)
Lag Switch rand: min 10 / max 1000
Fake Lag rand: min 10 / max 1000
Message output: on / off (Output messages with applied randomization values)