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System requirements:

Any processor
Windows 10 and 11

VX (Wallhack) - This cheat presents only visual functions, namely - in. The ability to see various objects and characters through obstacles.
Zombies - Allows you to see zombies through walls and other obstacles.
Special Zombies - Displays special zombies behind walls.
Bosses - Ability to see bosses behind obstacles.
Players - This item is responsible for displaying other players behind the walls.
Dead Players - If this item is enabled, then dead players will also be displayed.
Boxes - highlights the characters that you see thanks to the cheat (zombies, bosses, players), boxes (squares).
Distance - shows the distance to the displayed object (character, object or something else).
Ammo Box - text highlights ammo boxes on the map.
Health Box - Shows first aid kits behind walls using text.
Dropped Weapons - Displays weapons lying on the ground.
Hints - Allows you to see hints through walls.
World Items - allows you to see the items that spawn on the map.
Upcoming updates - we plan to expand the cheat, so you will see more features here soon.