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Enigma is one of the best private cheats for GTA Online. This cheat includes modern protection against other cheaters, a huge number of functions that cover all needs for a comfortable game. This cheat will also be a godsend for those who are involved in pumping accounts in GTA Online, because here you will find cheat up to $ 2 billion at a time.
More features will be added.

::::::::::::::::::::: ABOUT / ABOUT THE PROGRAM :::::::::::::::::::::: ::
Platform :: Steam / Epic Games / Rockstar Games
Cheat version :: Enigma ver 0.7.1a
Game version :: GTA Online (Does not work on RP servers)
Supported OS :: Windows 8.1, 10 all versions
Supported Game Mode :: Full Screen / Windowed / Unframed
Supported Processors :: Intel & AMD


Self options [Local player]

Invincible - Immortality
Disable custom damage types - Disable certain types of damage:
- Disable bullet damage - Disable bullet damage
- Disable fire damage - Disable fire damage
- Disable explosion damage - Disable explosion damage
- Disable collision damage - Disable collision damage
- Disable melee damage - Disable melee damage
- Disable gas damage - Disable damage from gas grenades
- Disable drowncustom damage - Disable drowning damage
- Enable selected proofs - Enables certain disablements
Invisible - Invisibility
Disable wanted - Disable wanted
Clear player wanted level - Clear wanted level
Ultra run - Fast run
High jump - High jump
Air Break - Flying through walls
Disable ragdoll - Disable falls
Walk under water - Walk under water

Online players

All players - All players:
- Teleport lobby into my apartments - Teleport everyone to my apartment.
- Set bounty at all by yourself - Set the bounty for the head of all players in the session on your behalf
- Force sent all to island - forcibly send everyone to the island island
Lobby options - Lobby options:
- Set weather to - Set weather
- Auto set script host to yourself - Automatically apply host scripts to yourself
- Force script host migration to yourself - Install the host script on yourself
Player - Player:
- Spectate - Observe - Teleport to player - Teleport to player
- Teleport Player to me [Vehicle] - Teleport the player to himself (provided that he is sitting in the car)
- Enable chat commands - Enable chat commands
- Crash player - Crash the player and those who are next to him
- Crash player without objects - crash the player without objects
- Open Social Club profile - Open Social Club profile
Griefing options - Trolling options:
- Remove all weapons from player / Take away all weapons from another player
Friendly options - Friendly options:
- Give all weapons to player / Give all weapons to another player
Remote options - Remote options:
- Kick player - Kick a player into another session
- Remote crash player - Crash the player (only crashes the player)
- Kick from CEO - Kick from CEO
- Termination from CEO - Remove CEO CEO
- Silent kick from CEO - Kick a player out of the CEO
- Ban from CEO - Ban a player as CEO
- Payment for chief of CEO [50k] - Pay chief of CEO [50k]
- Payment for partner / bodyguard of CEO [50k] - Pay partner / bodyguard of CEO [50k]
- Fake Badsport message - Send a fake notification about the destruction of the vehicle.
- Kick from vehicle - Throw out of transport
- Teleport player into my apartment - Teleport the player to my apartment.
- Teleport into player apartment - Teleport to player's apartment
- Teleport into script mission - Teleport to the mission
- Set infinitive loading screen - Infinite loading screen
- Bounty amount - Set the bounty for the player's head
- Set bounty by yourself - Set the bounty for the player's head on your own behalf
- Force sent to island - Forced teleportation to the island island
- Invite to island - Invite to island island

Teleport options

Teleport to waypoint - Teleport to the waypoint
Teleport into personal vehicle - Teleport to lts
Teleport into last vehicle - Teleport into the last car
Teleport to mission circle - Teleport to mission circle
Locations presets - Teleport to locations

Weapon options

Get all weapons - Get all weapons
Remove all weapons - Remove all weapons
Disable reload - Disable reload
Silent aimbot at players - Silent aimbot at players
Explosive bullets - Explosive bullets
Fire bullets - Incendiary bullets
Explosive punch - Explosive punch
Aimed entity information - Show information about an entity on hover
Delete entity gun - Deleting an item when shooting at it

Vehicle options

Fix vehicle damage and engine - Repair a vehicle
Clean vehicle - Clean vehicle
Rainbow color vehicle - Smooth car color change
Invincible vehicle - Non-explosive vehicle
Invisible vehicle - Invisible vehicle
Jump vehicle - Jump transport
Speed ​​boost vehicle - Vehicle acceleration
Disable collision for planes - Disable collision for planes

Spawn options

Spawn vehicles - Spawntransport.
- Spawn inside vehicle - Spawn inside the car
- Sort vehicles list by - Sort vehicles by
- Last DLC vehicle's - All new vehicles from the last update
- Unlock new vehicle - Unlock new vehicles

World options

Entities population control - Managing characters and objects
- Control population of entities - Managing characters and objects
- Peds density on street - Disable npc on roads
- Vehicles density on street - The density of vehicles on the street

Recovery and misc options [Upgrade]

Casino Diamond heists helper - Diamond casino heist help:
- Completed all photos at exploration - Take all photos on exploration [on / off]
- Select approach - Select approach [Unselected / Silent & Sneaky / The Big Con / Aggressive]
- Select target - Select target [Money / Art / Diamonds]
- Save first board - Save the first board
- Cancel Lester cooldown - Remove the delay between heists
- Remove all camera's - Remove all cameras
Unlock and perks - Opening:
- Increase ped stats to max - Maximum skills
- Fill food and cigarerts - Refill food and cigarettes
- Unlock shotaro - Open shataro
- Fast run - Fast run
Money options - Money transactions: * Risk of ban
- Get rundom vehicle for sell - Get a random vehicle for sale
- Custom vehicle sell price - Vehicle sale price [1 $ - 67,000,000 $]
- Apply custom sell price - Apply price
- Sell vehicle by - Sell vehicle for $ [RG]
- Disable sell vehicle cooldown - Disable delay when selling vehicle
Rank and RP - Level:
- Wanted lvl RP boost - Leveling through the wanted list
- Select new level - Set a new level
- Set selected level instantly - Apply new level
- Set selected level as R * change - Change level via R *
Other - Other:
- Welcome to badsport pool - Get into the pool of unreliable players
- Out of badsport pool - Exit the pool of unreliable players
- Anti kick from island - Anti kick from island
- Disable guided missile cooldown - Disable submarine firing delay.

R * ID options

Connect via R * ID to player - Connect via R * ID to the player:
- R * ID of player for connect - player ID to connect
- Join to selected player - Connect as [As player / As spectator]
Search player via R * ID - Search player by R * ID:
- R * ID the player we are looking for / ID of the player we are looking for
- Search player

Protection options

Reaction on crash attempt - Reaction on crash attempt [None / Redirect, if possible / Kick attempt / Friendly crash / Crash]
Block crash with object - Block crash objects
Block crash with mismatch sync - Block crash by sync
Block crash with bad sync - Block crash with bad sync
Block ped attachments - Protection against attachment of npc
Block vehicle and object attachments - Block vehicle and object attachments
Reaction on force script host - Reaction on new host script [None / Smart remigration / Auto kick attempt / Auto crash attempt]
Block force script host - Block host scripts
Block confirmed modded events - Protection from cheating events

Setting options

Support Unicode symbols
Russian language
English language
Chinese language
Generate translation file
Management of notifies & informations:
- Print player head in playerlist * unstable *
- Display notify for join
- Show notify for join [All players / Friends / Overseer / Friends + Overseer]
- Player information type [Basic info / Basic + Stats / All information / All with script debug]
X position of menu
Y position of menu
Scale size of menu

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