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Bot for Gems of War. Combat option. Version 1.0.0 from TapBot. (closed beta test + updates).

As the functionality is improved, the price will rise!

Works on Windows + Nox emulator. 1 bot for 1 pc.
The bot can:

In automatic mode, play Expeditions, Adventures and PvP (regular and rated).
The bot takes over the entire combat system, including the collection of combinations of 4 gems, 3 gems, the use of skills. All this depends on the settings.
While the bot is running, you can use the mouse to switch modes such as Challenge, Runs, Towers, and other combat modes. In these modes, the bot will only fight, it will not be able to automatically move to other rooms.

In settings:

Choosing the priority of collecting the color of gems.
Binds an ally to a mana color. If an ally dies, then the bot will not prioritize the color of its gems, but only if there are no other options for living allies.
Establishing a global priority on collecting Skulls or Using a charged skill. Will help in specific commands.
The bot works under 26 screen resolutions.
In PvP mode, there is a choice with which enemy to fight (left, center or right).
6 options for using the skill for each ally: a normal blow, a blow to the enemy, use a skill on an ally, destroy a column, destroy a line, use on the color of a precious stone. Each mode practically has additional settings, the bot will determine the column or line where there are most stones of the selected color, the bot will also determine whether an ally or an enemy is alive and will not use the skill on a dead fighter.
The ability to save settings to different files and load settings from the selected file.
The bot is updated and refined as feedback from buyers arrives. Who buys now, further updates are included for free up to version 2.0.0. TapBot is the most advanced in terms of functionality to date. With proper use of the bot, there were no bans of accounts. (according to the data of our testers and other buyers within 30 days, at the time of 10/30/2020) We will provide examples of the correct use of the bot.

After purchase, you will receive a link to download files and instructions on settings in PDF format in Russian and English.

for questions and suggestions please email: [email protected], discord: https://discord.gg/jnYjdQH, telegram: https://t.me/haxmarket, facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100045783803983, vk: https://vk.com/hax.market