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Game Version :: Last;
OS / Supported OS :: Windows 10 (1703,1709,1803,1809,1903,1909, 2004 or 20h2);
Game Mode / Supported game mode :: Full, Bordless, Window / Fullscreen, Borderless, Windowed;
Processors / Supported processors :: Now only works on Intel processors.

A little about the software:
Syndicate - One of the safest and most convenient cheats for Enlisted at the moment. The cheat is easy to use, and also has a wide range of functions that you can customize for yourself.
Our cheat for Enlisted has HWID Spoofer, it can protect you from being banned by hardware. Also, the software has a built-in bypass of the OBS recording programs.
The program has all the necessary functions for a comfortable, legitimate game. But if you go in, you can turn all the settings to the maximum and take out the floor of the lobby. Also, be sure to check the system requirements above.


Visible only - Visible check;
Target lock - Lock aim on one target;
Draw FOV - Display FOV;
Color FOV - FOV color;
Radius FOV - Radius FOV;
Aimbot Key - Aim activation key;
Smooth - aiming speed;
Hover height;
Priority - Priority:
- Screen / Screen;
- Nearest;
Bone - Select a body part:
- Head / Head;
- Neck / Neck;
- Belly / Belly;
- Pelvis / Waist;
Draw box - display boxes;
Distance - Distance to opponents;
Name - Names of opponents;
Head - Outline the head;
Head is filled - fill the head;
Head thickness - The thickness of the stroke;
Skeleton - Skeletons of opponents;
Skeleton thickness - Skeleton thickness;
Silhouette - Stroke;
Silhouette always visible - Outline visible;
Color changher - Color change:
- Name color / Color of names;
- Distance color;
- Visible color / Color of visible targets;
- Invisible color / Color of invisible targets;
Point type - Radar type:
- Rect;
- Circle / Circle;
Point size;
Draw X - Show X axis;
Draw Y - Show Y axis;
Radar scale - Radar scale;
Draw distance radar - Display the distance on the radar;
Draw style - Display style:
- Dect;
- Circle / Circle;
Color changher - Color change:
- Form color / Background;
- Border color / Stroke color;
- Visible color / Color of visible targets;
- Invisible color / Color of invisible targets;